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Welcome to the affiliates page for FOMC System. This page contains all you need to become a top affiliate and earn great commissions promoting my system. FOMC System is a simple way to trade even by complete newbie, as well as professionals. Moreover, the system tells you exactly when to trade, so you can be ready ahead of time. The system is verified with more than 6 years of profitable trading.
There is no other trading system revealing this secret in the marketplace. I have kept it simple: a short pdf file and a tutorial video that prove to be invaluable for traders of all skill levels.

Price and commission

The price of the Fomc System is $67.00, and affiliate commission is 75%, so you’ll make approx $45.75 Net per sale.This system can be marketed easily, because of its low price and low initial investment (only a $100 to start trading).


Affiliate information

Our affiliate program is handled by ClickBank. You will need to have a Clickbank ID to work with our program. If you do not have one, sign up for a free account here – www.ClickBank.com.
Your affiliate link to promote all our products is:

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Promotional Emails

The best way to promote the FOMC System is to send your mailing list a personal opinion or recommendation.
Below you can find email messages, feel free to re-write them as you see fit. I recommend you to write your own personalized message.

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Start Trading with as little as $100

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Yes you CAN. You Can Start trading with as little as $100, and this system will show you where.
It is not one of these scam systems that claim to make thousands in a day. This is proven system that can give you stable income with very little work.
You will know in advance When to place your trades and Which way to go.

The FOMC System trade is only available to trade a few times a year! We don't want too many people in on this secret. Get it now while you can at:

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